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blogger, twitter, etc... [13 Jul 2009|06:58pm]


etc: ...
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Respect @ THC - 04.25.09 [16 Apr 2009|08:41pm]
Saturday, April 25, 2009


Beretta Music / Echospace / Detroit
12:30a - close

Blank Artists / Detroit
10:30p - 11:15p

Paxahau / Detroit
11:15p - 12:30a

more to come.

Trowbridge House of Coffee
10241 Jos Campau
1 Block South of Caniff

Doors @ 9p . $5 all night . 21+
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Craig Sopo mix / free download [17 Feb 2009|02:50am]

Fader 2 (unreleased) – Craig Sopo – More or Less
Royal House (De Stijl Mix) – Gui Boratto
Muggy (Original Mix) – N3sh
Modules (unreleased) – Craig Sopo – More or Less
Blue Room (Brian Kage Remix) – Codine
Funky Fromage – Someone Else
Reborn – Walter J
Tin Soldier – Red Robin & Jakob Hilden
Coded (Unreleased) – Craig Sopo – More or Less
Delayed Spektrum – A. Vemina and G. Lopedote
Conscious Movement (Marcus Meinhardt Mix) – Harada
Do The Do – Robotman
Lokomotiv – Moratto vs. Barbato
Polyform – Gerome Sportelli
Physical Attraction (Original Mix) – Djak Unit
X-Talk – Joshua Harrison
Don’t Panic Till I Said So – Audiofly X
This is Acid – Tim Cook
Gypzum – Jeff Bennett
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BLNK-13 - V/A - Primates Love Fun - Blank Artists - Cummings, Dahlberg, Codine [14 Jan 2009|06:50pm]

Artist: Various
Title: Primates Love Fun
Label: Blank Artists
Format: Digital
Cat.No.: BLNK-13
Release date: 13.01.2009


01 Josh Cummings - Morning Birds
02 Josh Dahlberg - Cut and Run
03 Codine - Eleven Evergreen

Primates Love Fun is the second installment of the sporadic but ongoing Loves Fun compilation series from Blank Artists. The series explores the idea of electronic music sans ego; in a fictional world where the only thing that matters is that you love fun. For this installment we bring back our two favorite Joshes; Cummings and Dahlberg as well as label mainstay Codine.

Cummings’ track Morning Birds sets the tone with dream-evoking textures and delayed chirps typical of a Midwestern American spring or summer morning. Rich, thick synth arpeggios drive the track, making it as danceable as it is cognitively captivating.

Dahlberg’s contribution to the compilation, Cut and Run, is a bass-heavy roller, which is accentuated by delayed synth attacks and heady rhythms. This track is a serious moody floor stomper.

Eleven Evergreen is a nod to classic EBM while simultaneously stepping forward, further cementing the sound that makes up Erik Cronin’s Codine moniker. Coming off of the acclaimed Blue Room EP, we felt compelled to give the people what they want; more Codine.

Purchase + Preview:
Blank Artists Webstore

More Info at
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BLNK-11 | Codine - Blue Room | Digital | 11.18.08 [18 Nov 2008|04:03am]
“Blue Room” is a popular release from The Orb to be sure and, yes they are living legends in their own rite. However Blue Room is also the sophomore release from Codine on Blank Artists and, for our purposes here, that’s what we’re concerned with. First you’ll notice the elements: the perfectly placed percussion, sensual synth subsets, and energy that uniquely make the sound of Erik Cronin’s Codine moniker. As an extension of that sound, the originals on this release epitomize those aforementioned characteristics but in uniquely nondescript ways. So what do you do when you have two tracks that utilize two distinct modes of operation to make dance floors jump off? Get two equally talented but very different remixers to offer their interpretations of the songs, of course.

Cue now Brian Kage and Jared Wilson. Two very different individuals with two equally unique perspectives on dance music. Brian’s remix of Blue Room is a heightened version of the original, serving up a huge bass line and rich textures certain to send you into a groove that’ll be making you beg for a rewind. In other words, this is a serious floor burner that has seen position in top DJ’s playlists all over. Jared’s mix of Background Music is an “analog-centric” endeavor that chugs on through systematically adding and subtracting synth patterns, making it heady and intoxicating.
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Codine | RCRD LBL | Free MP3 Download [04 Nov 2008|03:29am]
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BLNK-11 | Codine - Blue Room E.P. | Pre-Release | 11-04-08 [01 Nov 2008|09:06am]
BLNK-11 | Codine - Blue Room | Digital

"Blue Room", the sophmore release from Codine, is available Tuesday, November 4th 2008, exclusively through the Blank Artists website: Downloads can be accessed via our digital music widgets in both the release pages and mp3 shop. Also, Codine will be covering a range of topics in an artists showcase interview for our November podcast.
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Codine in Real Detroit Weekly [07 Oct 2008|12:45pm]
The Electorate
by Adriel

Erik Cronin, also known as Codine, grew up in Detroit’s Downriver community. The young Cronin learned piano from family members, which laid the foundation for his classical training in bass and guitar. He soon found inspiration in the irresistible electronic music emanating from Detroit in the early-to-mid-'90s. “Instead of spending my time practicing with bands, I was programming drum machines and sequencing synths for hours every day,” says Cronin.

After a brief stint working security for St. Andrew’s Hall, Codine worked in promotions for Mission: Detroit. Through that organization and DetroitLuv, Codine’s music was introduced to a wider audience. Inspired by IT, Cronin created an alias for his electronic productions, borrowing the name of a computing/distributing system called Codine (not to be confused with the drug codeine) and began releasing music on various labels.

In 2008, D Records released a Beatport-exclusive digital track on The Melting Point compilation. His upcoming release, Blue Room, comes out in November and features remixes from Jared Wilson and Brian Kage.

You can catch Codine this Friday at the Park Bar in Detroit. | RDW
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07.17.08 / Summer Sessions @ Exodus / Codine, Drew Pompa, Gabe Real [09 Jul 2008|09:23am]
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03.09.08 : Codine on New Detroit Radio [08 Mar 2008|07:47pm]
Codine (Blank Artists / D Records) Live PA on New Detroit Radio

The Show starts at 9:00pm (-5 GMT) at

You can also use the shortcut listen links here-
Broadband or Lo-Fi
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New Blank Artists Podcast: Drew Pompa Mix [03 Mar 2008|01:10pm]
Subscribe to the BA Podcast below and get the newest mix from Drew Pompa.

Track Listing:

1. Basic Soul Unit – Tunnels (Seko K RMX) – Mule Electronic
2. Matthias Tanzmann – Rugby (No Tom Edit) – Moon Harbour
3. Poro - Naukku – Laka-Tosh
4. Ndru – Captain’s Breakfast – Perspectiv Records
5. Dialogue – Saga – Trapez
6. Lemos & Kreon – Rossa ft. Cookie – Be Chosen
7. Dirt Crew – Boogie Down (Falko Brocksieper RMX) – Dirt Crew
8. Seth Troxler – Muse – Spectral
9. DJ Koze – Baume Strahlen Stress (Robag mfda-mfda Wruhme RMX) – Freude Am Tanzen
10. Sebastian Roya – En Efectivo – Meerestief
11. Jackmate – Two Tone – Freude Am Tanzen
12. Swayzak – Smile and Receive (Cassy Beatmix) – K7 Records
13. RS 232 – The Glittering Wives (Colin Zyskowski’s Will Alone Mix) – Blank Artists
14. Swayzak – Snow Blind – K7 Records
15. Sossa – Pinasa ft. Nicole – Minisketch
16. Codine – Missing Pieces – D Records
17. Alejandro Vivanco – Dissolved – Cadenza
18. Crc – Vaskitsaherra – Curle Recordings
19. Ryan Brogan – Chicago – Subtrak
20. Kraftwerk – Tongebirge – Ralf & Florian
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02.08.08 D Records presents The Melting Point Release Party @ Oslo *FREE* [28 Jan 2008|07:14pm]
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02.09.08 | The Blank Artists 3 Year Anniversary [24 Jan 2008|04:11pm]
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D015 The Melting Point - Various Artists [17 Jan 2008|05:23pm]

Always a furnace of creative activity on the musical tip, Detroit
shines on this newest release from D Records, D015 - THE
MELTING POINT. We are pleased to introduce 5 new artists to
the D Records roster, many of whom already have long histories
of releasing on other labels.


KAGE "you're glue"
Beginning with sounds evoking the repetitive motions of a
robot factory and evolving into a bassline driven track that
could rock any large room around the world, Kage's first track
on D brings the thunder.
listen here

"detroit nights"
This track has long been in the virtual crates of much of the
extended family of Paxahau and the Movement festival,
receiving accolades all over the world. A simple but powerful
bassline combined with a screeching siren that seems to
surround your soul combine to destroy the dance floor.
listen here

CODINE "missing pieces"
Connecting with the original blueprint and sound of Detroit
Techno, "missing pieces" has a driving drum track with powerful
synth lines in the foreground, reminiscent of analog synths.
listen here

ERIC JOHNSTON "loitering at home depot"
The weirdness. A perfect 4am track with evolving subtleties of
the click and the pop, atonal ghost organ melodies, and a deep
piano chord thrown in for good measure.
listen here

JOSH DAHLBERG "to malaysia"
The feel good track of D015. A slight house feel is overlayed
with traditional min-tech weirdness of percussion and short
samples tweaked and transformed over time.
listen here

KEITH KEMP "buoyancy compensator"
Get ready to feel like you are continuously on the edge of...
something. A slippery and rubber-like synth moves from hangin
tough with the bass line into lead man position with no effort.
listen here

CHUCK FLASK "here we go again"
Reminiscent of a happy summer afternoon at some points and
your deepest moments of afterparty bliss at others, this track is
a sure crowd pleaser for many different times.
listen here

D Records
D Records on Myspace

available on January 29th @ Beatport

upcoming releases:
February: Eric Johnston
March: Keith Kemp
April: Kage
May: Movement 2008 Compilation

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Detroit Turkey Trot [23 Nov 2007|11:22am]
Detroit Turkey Trot - Searchable Results
November 22, 2007
7549 Total Finishers - 3887 Males / 3662 Females
Last updated on November 23, 2007

Erik Cronin #7441
Hazel Park, MI
Age: 31 Gender: M
Distance 5K
Clock Time 40:48
Chip Time 37:09
Overall Place 1699
Gender Place 804
Division Place 96
Divtotal 114
Sextotal 1026

results page:

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SAVE YOURSELF+10.27.07+Codine,J.Wilson,K.Reynolds,J.Dahlberg,RMB3,Milieu [20 Oct 2007|11:13pm]
click here!Collapse )
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photo [27 Sep 2007|09:03am]

(photo credit: Rob Huebel)
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BLNK-6 | Codine - Recent Events | Digital [14 Aug 2007|10:54am]

Codine comes out of the gates strong with his release, “Recent Events”. This collection of songs exemplifies Codine’s lust for both Industrial and Detroit Techno. From front to back, the songs collected on “Recent Events” explode with the raw emotion that can only be procured in Detroit. From the industrial influence found on the song, “Mirror” to the tech-house swagger of “Red Triangles”, this release has it all, funk, soul, and hip swaying synth lines.

Available for pre-release @ Beatport August 14, 2007


* 1. Link To Selected
* 2. Metamorphic
* 3. Mirror
* 4. Holding Pattern
* 5. Red Triangles
* 6. Thursday
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Blank Artists article in Real Detroit Weekly [25 Jul 2007|04:45pm]
Blank Artists
By Amy Hubbarth
Jul 24, 2007, 11:09

Most of our artists are active in the Detroit music arena but when they’re not working on music, they’re usually out playing with Hot Wheels, blowing Bubbles and/or drinking lots of High Life,” says Blank Artists founder Josh Dahlberg. “In a way, that’s what Blank Artists stands for — hot wheels and cold beers.”

Obviously not ones to sit around and idle, the Blank Artists crew offers the brand new compilation Blood and Water, featuring fresh tracks from the collective. That roster includes some of Detroit’s hottest producers E. Spleece, J. A. Cummings, Vacuum, Codine, Drew Pompa, Theatre of the Absurd, RS-232, Hot Pink Karma and Josh himself. The disc was mastered by whom Josh names “the most under rated producer in techno, and maybe all of electronic music,” Andy Toth. Smooth and dreamlike to percolating and invigorated, this disc appeals to anyone looking for fresh and inventive electronic music coming straight from Detroit.

“The message I want people to understand, and what the disc does so well at explaining,” Josh says, “is that dance music is such an enjoyable thing, and such a diverse section of music, that it shouldn’t be demeaned by people whose hearts aren’t really in it. I don’t know if you can pinpoint exactly when, but at some point EDM got its head stuck up its own ass, admiring its own shit, and took a turn for the uninspiring.”

Josh will play some chill selections this Saturday at 9 a.m. at the Old Miami for the day ravers. In the meantime, be sure to nab a copy of Blood and Water at Record Time in Ferndale or through More partial to the digital? You can always download the Blank Artists sound with a little direction from their website, Either way, keep your ears open for more new sounds because they’re on the way.

“At this point in time everyone involved with the label is working on or waiting for an album to be released,” Josh says. “We can’t wait until we can divulge all the new music.” | RDW
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July 24: CODINE (tuesdays @ the works) [24 Jul 2007|02:32am]
tuesdays @ the works

July 24:

CODINE (Blank Artists)

resident dj ani

-free pool and darts

-wells and domestics $2 each or 2 for $3

-kitchen is open

-front room has new sitting/pool area, speakers moved to above bar, and remodeled dj booth

no cover

10 pm - 2 am
18+ to enter / 21+ to drink

the works
1846 michigan avenue
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